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Godiva Festival officially cancelled! But Olympic Torch Relay still on! From Coventry City Council regarding the cancellation of this year’s Godiva Festival: Despite battling with the elements for two weeks, and working long hours to try and beat the bad weather, we’ve finally had to make the very difficult decision to cancel the Godiva Festival. We know how disappointed thousands of people will be, not only the Festival goers, but the musicians, local groups and organisations and stall holders who were all looking forward to the weekend. We’re devastated that we’ve had to make this decision – we’ve been working for months on this year’s festival, and have been working so hard over the past couple of weeks to put on the event despite the weather. We’ve left the decision as late as we could to give us the best possible chance to beat the weather. But conditions in the park deteriorated badly overnight – and the showers this morning and forecast for the weekend means that the ground simply can’t take any more rain. Conditions in the park have become difficult for the crews building the site and caterers and suppliers trying to put their stalls on the site. We’ve kept going as long as possible, but the rain this morning has made the already difficult conditions impossible to continue with. We carried out a full site inspection of the park this morning – some parts of the park are dangerously boggy. This is not a Festival site on farmland, as Glastonbury and other festivals are, it’s a park that’s used by thousands of people every day, and we can’t risk damaging the site any further. However the Torch Relay evening celebration event will go on. It’s in a different part of the park, where new football pitches have been created so the ground is well drained and it is far less boggy than other areas of the park. We hope that as many people as possible will join us at the park from 5pm onwards and that the event will be some consolation for all the disappointed festival goers.

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Nexus 7 (16GB) – Google Play

In a not-at-all impulse purchase, I may have just bought one of these
If their 2-3 week delivery works, it’ll be a very nice birthday pressie from Rich Media Ltd :-p

The first tablet from Google. Thin, light, and designed for Google Play.

Kissy Sell Out (kissysellout) on Twitter

The automatic voice at Kings Cross is the same as female voice on @kissysellout Radio 1 show. Kept expecting to ask me to join the KissyKlub

Producer/DJ/Designer with a cheeky smile and a big heart.
FREE DJ MIX: #LongLiveTheKissyKlub

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Really useful and thought provoking day at #AzureLondon. Slightly fallen in love with Azure & realised how much I have to catch up on coding

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