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Hello I'm Rich Bishop. I talk about life, the universe, politics and web development. All my own views (and mostly joking), not of Rich Media Ltd (where I'm the boss and a web developer), Staffs Uni (where I'm a part-time lecturer), Mediche Ltd (where I'm a Director) or KicFM (where I'm a trustee)

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So… new “iPad Mini”… woop!

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Hello, we’re EE

Am I getting this right…? It’s cheaper per month to stay with EE for less time?
2GB/mo £15.99 for 18 months, or £25.99 for 24 months – way to reward loyalty!

Welcome to the home of the UK’s first mobile 4G LTE network with fibre broadband. Be the first in the UK to enjoy it and sign up to EE today.

BBC News – The rise of passive-aggressive wi-fi names

Anyone have funny Wi-Fi names out there? A great list here from the Beeb: “Drop it like it’s hotspot”, “Terror network”, and “Virus Detected Shutting Down”, “Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi” and “Wi Believe I Can Fi”. I am sooo tempted to start using one of these!

Some wireless internet users have been setting their network names to send snide messages to their neighbours. Why?

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